Awdhesh Singh can be invited to organise workshop in your organisation on various topics. This workshop can be tailormade from half-day to two days depending on the requirement of the clients.
These are some of the suggested topics of workshop.

1: Knowing Yourself
The most important goal of life is to know yourself because you are unique. There is no way you can achieve happiness and success in your life, if you try to follow the footstep of other successful people. What makes one person happy can be a source of suffering for another person.
The workshop must help people understand
• Know yourself
• Know other people
• Know the world
• Know the rules of the world
• Know the right technique to achieve success
• Develop intuition
• Developing self confidence

2: Developing Deep Relationships

We can never succeed in life unless we know how to build strong relationship with our professional colleagues, friends and relatives. When your relationships are good, everything happens almost naturally without putting any pressure on anyone. Everyone helps each other and all the negative energies arising due to friction are eliminated. The efficiency of the organization improves tremendously and things start moving on auto-mode.
The workshop shall focus on
• Developing trust in relationship
• Choosing the right person for spouse and friends
• Avoiding negativity in relationships
• Managing bosses, colleagues and subordinates
• Building strong relationships with children, spouse, parents
• Importance of commitment in maintaining relationship
• Letting go the bad relationship
• Overcoming the emotional impact of divorces and failed relationships

3: Achieving Professional Success
We can’t make ourselves happy unless we can achieve success in what we are doing. A person who can’t achieve success in his professional life soon find himself out of job or has to settle for an inferior job. He is unable to meet the needs of self and the family. Professional failure makes a person lose esteem and drain all his emotional and spiritual energies.
This workshop shall try to achieve following objectives
• Developing love for your job
• Understanding bosses, colleagues and subordinates
• Developing professional competency and skills for greater efficiencies
• Learning to live in present and focus on the task at hand
• Understanding and overcoming competitors
• Achieving targets within deadlines effortlessly
• Creating stress-free environment at work
• Developing innovation and creativity culture at workplace
• Delegating for empowerment, team work and maximizing efficiencies at work

4: Stress Free Healthy Life
Most people in the modern world are leading a life full of stress and following unhealthy lifestyle which is spoiling their health. They lose their health to achieve wealth and then spend all their wealth to regain their wealth unsuccessfully. Most people consider pursuit of happiness same as pursuit of wealth and power. The reality is that if we gain the world but lose our soul, we are the loser in our own eyes notwithstanding how the world perceives us.
This workshop shall help people lead stress free healthy life. The components of the worship may include the following.
• The causes of stress at workplace and personal life
• Elimination of stress and develop a happy mind
• Body-mind-soul interconnection
• Developing positive attitude of life
• Developing love and compassion for all beings
• Developing right lifestyle for healthy life
• Practice of meditation and yoga
• The importance of rest and sleep
• Right diet for healthy life
• Home remedies and nature cure for simple illness
• Aurvedic treatment for preventing and curing diseases
• Importance of spirituality and religion for healthy and happy life

5: Work-Life Balance

The modern generation is suffering tremendously due to improper work-life balance. In the modern time, when husbands and wives are working professionals, they have little time for each other and their children. They are busy chasing the targets of their jobs while missing their life. It is only after the time has passed, they realize what they lost in their chase of life.
This workshop must help participants to balance their working and personal life to maximize their joy and success. The different aspects of this workshop shall be as following
• Developing skills to complete your work within office hours
• Avoid carrying work and stress at home
• Spending quality time with family and friends
• Achieving professional success without compromising personal life
• Improving personal life to improve quality at work
• Avoiding stress at work by developing understanding of people
• Importance of faith, trust and promises in family
• The benefits of investing your time and resources in your family
• Developing a philosophy of life for balancing work-life

Workshop for Students
Students are future citizens of the country. However, they are today learning wrong types of knowledge from the media, films, fictions, internet, social media, celebrities and friends. When your knowledge is wrong, there is no way you can do the right deeds. It is thus no wonder that students develop many bad habits like drinking, smoking, abusing, debauchery which divert their attention from the right path.
This workshop shall cater to the students by providing them the right knowledge of the world and hence motivate them to follow the right path naturally. The content of the workshop may be as following
• Importance of right knowledge for right action
• Avoiding the sources of wrong information from social media, fictions etc.
• Focusing on studies, sports and developing healthy lifestyle
• Cultivating the right values for innovation, success and relationships
• Respecting adults and learning from their experience
• Developing the habit of reading and self-learning
• Importance of right company for success and happiness
• Knowing the self and knowing other people
• Understanding the rules of the world to enjoy success and happiness
• Planning their career and carving their niche

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