Innovators, Leaders and Followers

Three is a number of great significance. It signifies many things in life.
Hindus believes in the Trinity of God viz. Brahma (God of Creation), Vishnu (God of Preservation) and Shiva (God of Destruction)
Christians believes on the Trinity of God: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
Indian Scriptures mention three Gunas (quality) of human beings : Satavik, Tamsik and Rajsik
There are three paths of salvation: Jnana (Knowledge), Karma (Action) and Bhakti (Faith)
In the same way, human beings can also be divided into three categories
1. Innovators
2. Leaders
Their relationships can be shown as following.
Innovators, Leaders and Followers
1: Innovators
The entire knowledge of the humanity has been created by only a few individuals. They are unique people who brings new ideas and concept in this world. Their views are often so radical that they society find it difficult to accept them and even prosecute these innovators. Their ideas, however, become so acceptable later by such large number of people that the world is transformed.
Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”. These innovators are like magicians who produces great ideas simply by observation. Newton could understand the law of gravity simply by watching an apple falling on the ground. Nobody can explain how Einstein grasped the idea of relativity or mass-energy equivalence.
Scientists like Newton, Einstein, and Faraday were great innovators in the realm of science. The thoughts of Carl Marx transformed the world as it gave the concept of socialism to the world. The book ‘The Kingdome of God is within You’ by Leo Tolstoy was the inspiration for Mahatma Gandhi to launch the nonviolence movement in India.
Several thousand years ago Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ transformed the society through their message of love and nonviolence. Socrates made us think using our own reasoning rather than being a blind believer. Aristotle gave the path of Golden mean to the world.
There are thousands of such innovators in the world working as writers, scientists, artists, architects or poets who are producing original thoughts that are transforming the world.
Innovators are spiritual people who are not attached to the material things of life like power, wealth fame etc. Their quest is truth by connecting themselves to the divine powers. They are like Prophets who can directly communicate with God and translate the message of God in the language of common man.
They are the wise people who are following the path of Jnana (knowledge).

2: Leaders

Innovators are spiritual in nature which gives them ability to connect with the divine and understand the fundamental laws of nature. However, they don’t know how to use them to for the benefit of the world since they are not connected much with the world. Einstein discovered the mass-energy equivalence formula E=mc2, but he was not the one who developed the nuclear bomb or nuclear power. Carl Marx theory was used by Lenin and Stalin to create the socialist states of Russia. Mao used this principle for transforming China.
People who have the ability to use the laws of nature as discovered by the innovators for the benefit of the mankind are called the leaders. Leaders are practical people who can improvise and creatively use the laws of nature to produce practical results.
For example, Gandhi used the principles of Bible and Leo Tolstoy book to create the nonviolence movement in India that finally led to the independence of India. He admitted honestly, “I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and Non-violence are as old as the hills.” However, his genius lies in using such ancient knowledge in the modern world for a practical end i.e. Independence of India.
Leaders are well known in the world as the masses are benefited (or sometime harmed) from their actions. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs transformed the use of computers and information technology. Mark Zuckerberg connected everyone in the world through Facebook. The political leaders like Hitler, F D Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and Mao changed the lives of people in the world like never before.
Leaders are the most loved and also the most hated in the world because they create as well as they destroy. They often destroy the existing to create new. Hence, they are cursed by one section of the society while honored by another.
They are the people, who believe in Karma or the path of action to achieve the goals of life.
You can love them. You can hate them. But you can’t ignore them.

3: Followers

There are few leaders and still fewer innovators. Most of the people in the world are followers. They enjoy the fruits of the labour of innovators and the leaders. They are the common men who follow the path shown by their leaders.
Followers possess some qualities of leaders. All leaders were once a followers but they slowly graduate to become a leader in their chosen field. However, in all other areas of life, they continue to be followers. Even a President or Prime Minister of a country may follow religious or spiritual leaders. Even the most common citizen of a country has to act like a leader for his family and often in his organization.
The followers have faith on leaders and the innovators. They don’t try to become like them and prefer to follow them to lead a simple and happy life. They often work as employees to the organization and they are happy with their salaries which can fulfill their basic needs.
They are happy and contented to be a readers of the great authors without trying to be an author themselves.
The followers are believers and faithful in the religious domain. They perform all types of rituals without ever questioning them. They believe others more than themselves. Their main virtue is surrender or devotion which is prescribed in all religions.
Jesus Christ says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)
The same message is given by Lord Krishna, ‘Abandon all varieties of Dharmas and simply surrender unto me alone. I shall liberate you from all sinful reactions; do not fear’. (BG 18.66)
The followers follow the path of deviation or Bhakti as stated in Gita.

Unity in Diversity
Innovators, leaders and followers are complementary to each other. There can be no leader without followers. Similarly, there can be no use of knowing the laws of nature, unless we know how to use them for practical purposes. There is also no use of innovation unless there are users of such products or services. We need all the three for a happy world. Hence, all three types of people must respect each other. It is difficult for everyone to become a leader or an innovators. If everyone is creator and leader, there would be total chaos in the society as everyone would be following his own path.
Only by respecting the people who are different than us, we can create a beautiful and happy world.

Innovators, Leaders and Followers