At TEDxFMS 2017

Giving Talk at TEDxFMS 2017 at FMS Delhi

Awdhesh Singh receiving Presidential Award

Shri Arun Jaitely giving award to Awdhesh Singh


The Science and Art of Happiness

Lifeskill Workshop conducted by Dr. Awdhesh Singh


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This is a unique book which reveals the real personality of a leader. The book answers many questions of life about leadership and success... helps you in becoming a leader in the chosen field of your life.
Kamal Hasan
2017-12-18 23:07:26
Awdhesh Singh explains this body-soul continuum and suggests practical steps to evolve through the body-senses-mind-intellect to reach our soul. Through the steps and suggestions offered in the book, you find ways to bring your mind, body and soul together in perfect harmony. Peppered with humorous anecdotes, this books analyses and effectively assists personality development. Your spiritual quest is made easy and lucid, not just to read, but also practice.

The Hindu
2017-12-18 23:07:26


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About Awdhesh

About Awdhesh

Dr Awdhesh Singh is the Director of Awdhesh Academy, a Top Quora Writer and the author of the books:
"Practising Spiritual Intelligence"
"The Secret Red Book of Leadership" ,
"Myths are Real, Reality is a Myth" and
"GST Made Simple".
He has written over 500 articles on various forums and answered over 3900 Questions on
He is one of the top five most followed Quora Writers in

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Timeless Jokes - Ageless Wisdom
Jokes have been used from time immemorial to explain the greatest wisdom of life. Jokes are a great means to reveal the hidden reality of life in the most interesting way. This book contains a large number of jokes with wisdom which you can never forget in life.