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Dr. Awdhesh Singh: An Influential Author, Former IRS Officer, and Renowned Quora Writer

Dr. Awdhesh Singh, Director of Awdhesh Academy, has a multifaceted background, blending esteemed roles as a former IRS officer, accomplished author, and distinguished Quora personality. His literary contributions encompass a range of impactful books, including “Practising Spiritual Intelligence,” “The Secret Red Book of Leadership,” “Myths are Real, Reality is a Myth,” “GST Made Simple,” “31 Ways to Happiness,” and comprehensive guides for Civil Services Examination aspirants.

With over 500 published articles across diverse platforms and responses to 5500 questions on Quora.com, Dr. Singh is recognized among the top five most-followed Quora Writers globally. His insightful answers have garnered over 170 million views and amassed a dedicated following of 318,000 enthusiasts seeking his profound knowledge and wisdom.

Dr. Awdhesh Singh

A Storied Journey: From Engineering Excellence to Government Service and Beyond

An alumnus of IIT Varanasi & Delhi with a B.Tech, M.Tech, and a Ph.D. from IIITM Gwalior, Dr. Awdhesh Singh embarked on a distinguished career with the Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Central Excise) in 1991. His noteworthy tenure spanning over 25 years earned accolades such as the Certificate of Merit by the World Customs Organization in 2011 and the esteemed Presidential Award by the Government of India in 2015.

Beyond his government service, Dr. Singh’s commitment to knowledge dissemination is evident through his role as a Founding Member of ‘The Aatmic Science Foundation.’ This non-profit organization, registered in India, is dedicated to interpreting scriptures and religions through a scientific lens.

Presidential Award in 2015

Dr. Awdhesh Singh was awarded Presidential Award by Government of India in 2015.

Top Quora Writer 2017, 2018

Dr. Awdhesh Singh is one of the most-followed Quora writers with 3.47K followers and 170M+ views on his answers.

Certificate of Merit in 2011

Dr. Awdhesh Singh was conferred Certificate of Merit by World Customs Organization in 2011.

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Dr. Awdhesh Singh is a popular writer, entrepreneur, speaker and motivator. He has delivered numerous speeches before corporates, government organization and educational institutions. His education background and professional experience make him an ideal person to be an ideal keynote speaker for any professional event.

Dr. Awdhesh Singh organises workshop in corporate on various topics for the top managers. This workshop can be tailor-made for half-day to two days depending on the requirement of the clients. He speaks on subjects like leadership, motivation, stress management, work-life balance, spiritual and emotional intelligence and life management.

Dr. Awdhesh Singh has more than twenty five years of experience with the Government of India as an IRS officer of Customs and Central Excise department. He worked in almost all fields of the departments like Customs, Excise, Service Tax, DRI, DGCEI, NACEN, Systems. He is an ideal consultant in the matter of Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax and GST for your organization.

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