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Pearls of Wisdom from Everyday Life

There is no way to acquire wisdom unless you know how to learn the right lessons from life experiences. The most important requirement to be wise is to develop the ability to take the right decisions in life and make the right judgment.

Wisdom is essential to lead a happy and successful life. Only a wise person can connect knowledge with real-life experience and develop the ability to make the right decisions in life about people, actions, good and evil, and society to live a blissful life.

This book, Pearls of Wisdom from Everyday Life, narrates personal experiences and stories to help readers become wiser by learning valuable lessons from their day-to-day experiences.


Dr. Awdhesh Singh

Dr. Awdhesh Singh, Director of Awdhesh Academy, brings a wealth of expertise and diverse experience to the table. A former IRS officer, renowned Top Quora Writer, and author of multiple books, his repertoire spans a wide spectrum of subjects, from spirituality and leadership to happiness and civil services examination preparation.

Beyond his distinguished career, Dr. Singh has left an indelible mark as a prolific writer, having authored several impactful books such as “Practising Spiritual Intelligence,” “The Secret Red Book of Leadership,” “Myths are Real, Reality is a Myth,” “GST Made Simple,” “31 Ways to Happiness,” and more.

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Discover Awdhesh Singh’s best-selling books that ranges from civil services preparation to profound insights into life and wisdom. Explore the collection, offering comprehensive guidance for aspirants alongside timeless wisdom for personal growth. A journey where success meets enlightenment.

What Readers Are Saying

Readers from around the globe have been captivated by Dr. Awdhesh Singh’s mesmerizing storytelling. Discover why readers can’t stop raving about Awdhesh Singh’s work!

The book is really worth buying especially for the beginners who want to master the art of descriptive writing. It provides with wise tips and effective guidance particularly for UPSC descriptive writing and in general for all types.

Ankit Gupta
Mastering Essay & Answer Writing for UPSC
Kamal Haasan Review Awdhesh Singh

This is a unique book which reveals the real personality of a leader. The book answers many questions of life about leadership and success, helps you in becoming a leader in the chosen field of your life.

Kamal Haasan (Filmstar)
Secret Red Book of Leadership

A great book with an in-depth message. A collection of stories that will emerge emotions and actions need to be taken to implement whatsoever we learn in our day to day life. An amazingly well written read !!!

Jennifer Ali
Pearls of Wisdom from Everyday Life

Must read for everyone. It will enhance the knowledge base in ethics and philosophy. Case studies and stories are provided throughout the Book that make it interesting and engaging.

Anand Singh Parmar
Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for Civil Services

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